Friday, June 15, 2012

Young Mom Pushing Buggy (Clip Art)

Young Mom Pushing Buggy. Sepia pen sketch of a young mom pushing a baby buggy. The girl is wearing blue jeans. Cute, funky style. Bob or mod hairstyle. The version on the left has been altered in Photoshop, using quick fix. The version below is closer to my original art. The sketch is on cream-colored paper. It has been altered in Photoshop, but only to remove spots and possibly sharpen or clean up the background.

The cream-colored version, below, is closer to the original. Cream is the natural color of the paper. That version has had only minor corrections, such as spot removal. You may use either one.

By placing the art on this public-domain blog, I hearby release it to the public. You may download, alter, recycle, publish, or print it in any way that you like.

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