Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ladies with Red Hats

red hat lady art prim retro look
Red Hat 1

red hat lady art retro style 1950s 1960s
Red Hat 2

Two pieces of art work: each lady has a red hat. The ladies look neat, prim, and conservative. They might be useful for illustrating a 1950s or 1960s style. The art will work well as an illustration of pages relating to senior citizens. They were done as part of a series of the red-hat ladies in purple dresses. These two turned out looking more like straight-forward portraits of elderly ladies, or fashion illustrations of yesteryear, than like the light-hearted cartoons of the rest of the series. The medium is watercolor on paper. They are signed and dated DKP 08. Dominant colors are red, purple, brown, and pink.

Feel free to use them as you like: as is, cropped, re-vamped in an image editor, or altered however you wish. They are being placed in the public domain by the artist!

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