Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bugbones-the-Skeleton (Creepy Eqyptian)

This creepy fellow is mentioned in my blog, Glimmers from the Stone Age. I had envisioned something like this when I first started to play around with ideas for a logo for my Bugbones site. Eventually, I discarded this and went with a cartoon bug. I can't claim complete originality for the name or the idea. Many years ago, when I was a child, a boy drew a cartoon similar to this to impress me. It did. I adopted Bugbones-the-Skeleton (a.k.a. Creepy Egyptian) as my own, and drew him many times as a child. Then he went into the closet to be forgotten. Recently, I redrew him using Windows Paint, with revisions in Paintshop Pro, to use as an illustration in my blog about site building. I only needed him briefly, for a bit of humor to illustrate a point. I'd like to see him take on a life of his own, though, so I hereby release Bugbones-the-Skeleton into the public domain. Please give him life! (dkp)

Creative Commons License
This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.

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