Sunday, February 1, 2009

Comic Girl Redhead Art - Larger Version

This is a larger version of the comic girl redhead (originally now dedicated for use in the public domain by the artist). Click on the photo to see the whole picture. Feel free to clean up the shadows, alter it, or use it in any way; but if altering it drastically, other than just cleanup and removal of shadows, please remove my signature from it. If this version is not large enough, please find the same art in Flickr: Full-Sized Art on Flickr

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bugbones-the-Skeleton (Creepy Eqyptian)

This creepy fellow is mentioned in my blog, Glimmers from the Stone Age. I had envisioned something like this when I first started to play around with ideas for a logo for my Bugbones site. Eventually, I discarded this and went with a cartoon bug. I can't claim complete originality for the name or the idea. Many years ago, when I was a child, a boy drew a cartoon similar to this to impress me. It did. I adopted Bugbones-the-Skeleton (a.k.a. Creepy Egyptian) as my own, and drew him many times as a child. Then he went into the closet to be forgotten. Recently, I redrew him using Windows Paint, with revisions in Paintshop Pro, to use as an illustration in my blog about site building. I only needed him briefly, for a bit of humor to illustrate a point. I'd like to see him take on a life of his own, though, so I hereby release Bugbones-the-Skeleton into the public domain. Please give him life! (dkp)

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I did this colored-pencil illustration of a cartoon horse years ago. The title of the piece is Sleeper, and it served as a portfolio piece for me. It may have been published on my sites, Bugbones and/or Southern Muse. A sleeper is a horse (or anything) that was not expected to win ~ perhaps has been a failure in the past ~ but came out of nowhere to win. This sleeper is now resting on his laurels and now uses his experience wisely... as a bookie. I hereby release Sleeper into the public domain. The above image links to a slightly larger Jpeg. I'm not sure if I still have the original art, but I still have photos of it and could possibly provide a larger image than is posted here, if needed.

Ghost in Pajamas

Years ago, I did this funny colored-pencil drawing of a yawning ghost, returning home at daybreak after a night's haunting. The illustration served as a portfolio piece and was never used for any commercial purpose. I published it on my Bugbones site as "fun art," to be used as wallpaper, and may have uploaded it on the art forum or other social sites years ago. I regret that I no longer have the art (it became water damaged), nor do I have a larger JPEG of it, as far as I know. I am releasing Ghost in Pajamas into the public domain to be used by anyone, free of royalties. (dkp)

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