Friday, June 15, 2012

Modern Girl Clip Art

Modern Girl.

This clip art is my illustration or caricature of a modern, young woman. She has a bob haircut (or similar short hairstyle), and wears a plain knitted blouse or sweater, tight pants or leggings, and boots. She is rather funky or mod, and looks vintage 1960s or she could even be a modern young lady of today. The illustration is done in sepia pen on cream-colored paper. The version at left has been altered in Photoshop, using 'auto levels' on the quick-fix tool. That had the effect of removing the deep yellow tone of the cream paper and leaving a pale, buff-white background.

The version at right is closer to the original. It is sepia on a cream-colored paper. There may have been minor edits, such as sharpening or spot removal.

By publishing on my public-domain blog, I have hereby released this art to the public. Feel free to download, alter, and publish this clip art sketch in any way that you see fit.

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