Friday, June 15, 2012

Woman Spanking Boy Clip Art

IWoman Spanking Boy. My illustration of a woman spanking a boy is done in sepia pen on cream-colored paper. The sketch is in an antique style, as intended. The clothing is similar to Victorian fashion. The version to the left has been altered in Photoshop by using the quick-fix tool and choosing 'auto levels.' This had the effect of removing some of the yellow from the background. It also caused (by accident) a speckling appearance, which is pleasing and makes the drawing look more antique. The version below is very close to the original drawing. The only corrections to it are minor ones ~ some spot removal and perhaps some sharpening.

This artwork is hereby placed in the public domain. You may download, alter, recycle, publish, or post it in any way that you like. (I flipped the drawing horizontally when I first published it, and you may want to try that. I thought it looked a little more balanced that way).

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