Friday, April 18, 2014

High-School Art: Daylily Watercolor

daylily watercolor art orange yellow
High-School Art: Daylily Watercolor

This daylily artwork was from my high-school days. It is actually mixed media on drawing or sketch paper: mainly watercolor, but with pencil and possibly pastel and colored ink. It does show a good sensitivity for the subject matter, in spite of its amateur qualities. I haven't tried to fix it: it is presented "as is," with stains and wrinkles. I'm adding this to the public domain. Possible uses are as decoration, if you like it. It could also be useful for a sample of art done by a high-school-aged child, for the purpose of critique or to illustrate an educational point. My guess is that I did it at age fifteen or sixteen, as it compares to other work and subject matter of that time.

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