Monday, June 26, 2017

Sexy Sultry Redhead Skull and Car - Free Public Art by DKP

Sexy Redhead Comic Girl with Dune Buggy and Skull

Sexy, Sultry Redhead, Comic-Girl Art

This is a public-domain dedication (CC0 License, under Creative Commons). This was a project illustration, created by DKP in 1992, submitted to a collaborative writing project for Lex pen-pals. The character was illustrated to fit a specific description, of a woman who traveled through the galaxy in a souped-up, space-flight-capable, dune-buggy-style car. The sultry redhead comic girl, in leather and boots, holds a skull. The character was probably based on some similar character in space fiction, I don't recall. (It was another collaborator's description). I hereby release my copyright! (D.K. Pritchett). My photo/scan is slightly out of focus, and there are shadows. You may have to do some cleanup or airbrushing to use it. You may crop it or alter it in any way. If altered drastically (not just cleanup), then I prefer that you remove my signature from under the front tire. I have posted it on this blog in a larger size. Google Blogger seems to compress this art, but you can snag the full size version from my public file on Flickr.

Link to full-sized art on Flickr

Link to medium-sized version on this blog

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