Saturday, December 22, 2018

Comic Woman in Red Hat with Butterflies

Comic of Woman in a Red Hat

Comic illustration of a woman in a tall red hat with flowers, and white butterflies perching atop the hat. She has on a purple polka-dot dress. It can be used as a fashion spoof or illustration for fashion or to illustrate a red-hats theme. Attribution preferred: "by dkp" (or, no extra attribution and just leave my signature on it, if possible). Thanks!

I also published this for free use on WikiMedia.

Fashion Illustration: Woman in a Red Fedora

Woman in Red Fedora

Fashion Illustration by dkp

Attribution appreciated ("by dkp"), but I'm really not that picky about it.

Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.5)

Collage: Sienna Silk Moth on Blue Denim

Collage of Sienna Silk Moth on Blue Denim

Sienna Silk Moth on Blue Denim

Released by dkp to public domain on this blog and on WikiMedia. Description: Collage of sienna silk moth on blue denim background. This is a collage or photo-montage. The silkmoth is on a screen door. This has been cut and pasted onto a blue-denim background. I used this once on Redbubble to make an iPad cover. Otherwise, I probably never used it. It could be used for scrapbooking or for decorating a mug or iPad cover.

Free for public use--no attribution necessary.

Photo: Cascading Water, Old Water Pump and Valve, Functional Fountain

Photo: Image of cascading water. Water pump and valve, functional fountain, not decorative. This is probably the watering source for an old homestead cabin. It could be used to illustrate water waste, sustainability, community watering places, picnics, picnicking, and tourism.

This photo was taken at Hidden Cove in Chickamauga, a private tourist resort. There are cabins and picnic tables in the background.

I have released this to the public domain. It is free to use. No attribution is necessary. I also uploaded it to Wikimedia.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Watercolor and Gouache: Woman in a Red Hat and Purple Dress. Blonde Woman.

Free art in public domain: Woman in a Red Hat and Purple Dress.
No Attribution Needed.

Description: Watercolor with gouache by dkp. Frontal view of face. Blonde woman with blue eyes. Red Hat and Purple Dress, Purple Collar. Woman in a Cloche. Cloche Hat. Red Cloche. Seagreen background. Gentlewoman. Woman with Kind Expression. Senior Citizen. Elderly Lady. Middle-Aged Lady. English Woman. American Woman. Brushstrokes. Painting Technique.

Attribution is not required, but if you really want to put it, just use "Courtesy of dkp" or something like that. (I am the artist, dkp, and I have the right to put this art in the public domain). 

Watercolor of Lady With Red Hat and Purple Dress

Watercolor with gouache: Lady with Red Hat with Purple Dress. Face in three-quarter view.

Use this art in any way you like!

No attribution necessary. If you wish to attribute, just put "Courtesy of dkp 2008."

Monday, June 26, 2017

Sexy Sultry Redhead Skull and Car - Free Public Art by DKP

Sexy Redhead Comic Girl with Dune Buggy and Skull

Sexy, Sultry Redhead, Comic-Girl Art

This is a public-domain dedication (CC0 License, under Creative Commons). This was a project illustration, created by DKP in 1992, submitted to a collaborative writing project for Lex pen-pals. The character was illustrated to fit a specific description, of a woman who traveled through the galaxy in a souped-up, space-flight-capable, dune-buggy-style car. The sultry redhead comic girl, in leather and boots, holds a skull. The character was probably based on some similar character in space fiction, I don't recall. (It was another collaborator's description). I hereby release my copyright! (D.K. Pritchett). My photo/scan is slightly out of focus, and there are shadows. You may have to do some cleanup or airbrushing to use it. You may crop it or alter it in any way. If altered drastically (not just cleanup), then I prefer that you remove my signature from under the front tire. I have posted it on this blog in a larger size. Google Blogger seems to compress this art, but you can snag the full size version from my public file on Flickr.

Link to full-sized art on Flickr

Link to medium-sized version on this blog